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Enjoy reading the second book in the William the Caterpillar series, 'William the Caterpillar Who was Scared of the Dark!'

This is the tale of a little caterpillar who was scared of the dark, and the story sets out to allay this common childhood fear.

William decides to find out for himself just what 'the dark' really is.

The different creatures in the garden all have unusual theories of what it may be, but perhaps Sidney Snail can help?

He is considered to be the wisest creature in the garden and can usually answer tricky questions.Sidney holds the 'logical' truth and the secret to getting a good night's sleep!

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William the Caterpillar Who was Scared of the Dark


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Play the exciting 'I'm Not Scared of the Dark!' game, the perfect accompaniment to the second 'William' book! The 'board' comes as A4 size, perfect for your

home printer.

Enjoy racing around the board and meeting some new characters. Pick up some useful hints for a good night's sleep along the way!


please ask an adult to help you

Simply click on the link and print off the 'Board' and 'Counters/Rules' pages. below. Stick the counter page to and empty cereal packet, and when dry, cut out the counters. You will need a die, scissors and PVA glue.

Print out your boardgame and tokens here

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